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Data from the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator can be integrated into third-party systems such as student information systems and learning management systems. Since client institutions use the data in different ways, there are several possible options for integration. Popular integration points include Single Sign On, linking to the assessment from within the LMS, displaying the assessment from within the LMS, and reporting of completion percentages to a grade book. In many cases these integrations can be achieved at no cost to the institution using our free APIs. Turn-key integration is available for Blackboard and eCollege at an additional charge.

The following types of data can be exported from SmarterMeasure into third party systems:

  • Scores on each section
  • Completion percentage for each section
  • Total completion percentage
  • Account requested data
  • Demographic data

The table below lists a $1,000 Integration Fee for some integration options. This fee is in addition to the annual license. The rationale for this fee is that we must cover our costs for the additional programming time that these integration options require. Also, this fee provides technical support to your school relative to integration options. Also, some third party systems charge SmarterMeasure a fee to be able to communicate with their system. Clients are only charged the $1,000 Integration Fee once with each annual license agreement regardless of whether they are using more than one of the options below which require the fee.


Learning Management System (LMS)
A system that is used for the actual teaching of online, hybrid and some face-to-face courses. Students log into the learning management system to receive course documents, view instructions, take quizzes, collaborate with fellow learners, etc. Examples of learning management systems include Blackboard, eCollege, Angel, and Moodle.
Student Information System (SIS)
A system that is used to maintain data and records about students. Data such as contact information, registration information and grades is archived and accessed through the system. Examples of student information systems include PeopleSoft, Banner, and Datatel.
Application Programming Interface (API)
An interface implemented by a software program which enables it to interact with other software. It is similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. An API is implemented by applications, libraries, and operating systems to determine their vocabularies and calling conventions, and is used to access their services.

Developer API

Visit our REST API Documentation for more information about how to use the SmarterMeasure API's to integrate your system.


Compatible Systems

Basic options of integration can be implemented with no extra fee and with all types of learning management systems and student information systems.



Pearson Learning Studio




Angel Learning








People Soft

Integration Matrix

Option Description Cost Systems
Assessment display options Many clients embed SmarterMeasure into an orientation course. Taking the assessment is often one of the first assignments in the course. In this case schools can link to their SmarterMeasure custom domain from within the course area of their LMS. They can choose to open that link in another browser window or within the instructional pane of the LMS. Included Available for use in all third party systems
Manual data export This type of integration is useful for clients who only periodically desire to export and analyze their data. An example would be a school which is preparing for an accreditation visit and they need to be able to describe certain attributes of their students that are measured by SmarterMeasure.

Clients can manually use the data export tool that is integrated into the administration panel. Data can be selected by date range, name, email address, PIN, gender and account. The selected data can then be exported into an Excel file, comma separated or tab delimited file. These files can then be opened and imported into other third party systems.
Included Available for use in all third party systems
REST API Many clients wish to access their data programmatically from within third party systems. This can be done easily using our REST API. Please see the section below for more information about the API.

Please see our developer API for more information on how this option can be integrated into your system.
Included Available for use in all third party systems
Inbound Single Sign On (SSO) Many clients are concerned with their students having to manage multiple user names and passwords for various online systems. In a single sign on environment the user authenticates into a third party system and then from within that system can be automatically authenticated into SmarterMeasure.

Please see our developer API for more information on how this option can be integrated into your system.
Included Available for use in all third party systems
Basic LTI Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) now support the Basic LTI (Learning Tools Interoperatability) standard which is a standard way of adding third party tools like SmarterMeasure into a LMS.  Any LMS that supports this standard could allows link creation in multiple locations including in the course directly linking to the users' SmarterMeasure account.  For a list of supported LMS systems, please visit:  LTIv1.0 or later is required to integrate with SmarterMeasure. Included Available for use in any system supporting the LTI standard.
Custom formatted manual data export This type of integration is appropriate for clients who desire to export their data rarely and at fixed intervals such as at the end of each term. This option will allow them to export all SmarterMeasure data for a defined date range and analyze or archive this data as they consider useful.

Clients may want to customize the order at which the data is exported in the manual data export. In addition, the customer can have the new data file emailed to them at any interval they choose (daily, weekly, etc)
Custom Rate Available for use in all third party systems
Integrated Single Sign On (SSO) Many clients are concerned with their students having to manage multiple user names and passwords for various online systems. In a single sign on environment the student authenticates (logs in) to a system such as a learning management system and then they do not have to log in as well to SmarterMeasure. The information that identifies the student is electronically passed from the third-party system to SmarterMeasure.

A unique identifier such as a student number or school assigned email address is used to match the student's SmarterMeasure data to their account in the third party system.
Integration Fee eCollege
Completion variable passed Some clients prefer to use the at-a-glance data views that are integrated into the SmarterMeasure administrative panel to visually identify at-risk learners. But they are also interested in monitoring in a third party system the degree to which their students have completed the SmarterMeasure assessment.

The percentage of completion of the SmarterMeasure assessment can be passed to a third party system.
Integration Fee eCollege
Integrated Reports Some clients want the faculty who are teaching specific courses to be able to see the SmarterMeasure reports from within a third party system. This allows the faculty member to easily view the at-a-glance view and student reports without leaving the system. Integration Fee eCollege

Fee Details

The feature is included in the annual SmarterMeasure license and can be used free of charge.
Custom Rate
The feature can be created especially for a customer given their specifications. The charge for this custom programming is billed at $150 per hour.
Integration Fee
The feature is available for use with a $1,000 annual integration fee. This fee is in addition to the annual license fee and can be prorated.