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Measuring non-cognitive skills is a proactive practice among educational institutions that is gaining attention. In addition to the traditional cognitive traits such as GPA and standardized test scores, schools are learning the connection between non-cognitive skills and student success. Understanding student learning styles, individual attributes (procrastination, time management, determination) and life factors (time, place, motivation) schools have found a missing piece of the retention puzzle. In addition, schools recognize the need to provide remedial helps for students to help them overcome challenges.  SmarterMeasure addresses these issues and more! Click HERE to view an overview of several research projects about measuring levels of non-cognitive readiness.    

Measures Non-Cognitive Skills

such as motivation, self-discipline, determination, and "grit" in the Individual Attributes


Identifies External Factors

such as devoted time and place to study as well as support resources available to students


Provides Help

by offering resources for support that address student's challenges