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SmarterMeasure is a product of SmarterServices, LLC. SmarterServices's mission is to organize and analyze data that empowers people to make smarter decisions. We help you obtain data about your students, faculty, teachers, employees, and courses. Data-driven decisions create strong strategic plans, maximize efficiency, and foster an environment of learning. Learning from our mistakes, learning about best practices, and discovering how to do things better.

Solutions provided by SmarterServices include SmarterMeasure, SmarterSurveys, SmarterFaculty, and SmarterProctoring.

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  • Mac Adkins
    Mac Adkins - Since 2002
    877.499.Smarter x 102
  • Julie Owen
    Julie Owen - Since 2005
    877.499.Smarter x 109
    Vice President of Client Relations
  • Jason Fill
    Jason Fill - Since 2003
    877.499.Smarter x 106
    Vice President of Development


  • Angela Cantrell
    Angela Cantrell - Since 2010
    877.499.Smarter x 112
    Sales - Eastern Division
  • Alan Manley
    Alan Manley - Since 2010
    877.499.Smarter x 111
    Sales - Western Division



  • Tara Boozer
    Tara B. McLaughlin - Since 2007
    877.499.Smarter x 107
    National Account Manager
  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis - Since 2013
    877.499.Smarter x 411
    Project Manager

Development & Support

  • Jeff Worford
    Jeff Worford - Since 2009
    877.499.Smarter x 106
    Developer/Systems Admin
  • Rachel Sipper
    Rachel Sipper - Since 2008
    877.499.Smarter x 101
    Support Specialist
  • Kim Adkins
    Kim Adkins - Since 2008
    877.499.Smarter x 103
    Conference Specialist